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In a dominant position, on the very top of Positano there is a Village called Nocelle.

The small village of Nocelle rises over the mountains of Positano, a position from which you can see all the beauty of the Amalfi Coast with just one look embracing the crystal clear sea, the untouched nature and, in the distance, the amazing Faraglioni of Capri. Immersed in the beauty that the Amalfi Coast has to offer, in the nature and the luxury, in the sea and the nightlife, Nocelle offers the possibility of remaining aloof, to see everything from above and enjoy the silence and tranquility of a place that seems suspended in time.

Nocelle is therefore the perfect choice for those seeking a peaceful place where they can let themselves go and pull the plug from the stress of their daily lives and live a dream holiday, a stay to recover all the energy. In Nocelle you cannot turn a bike or a car in motion, life in the village is lived on foot. These traditions of the past mix with a surreal silence that those who live in the city cannot even imagine. This is the true meaning of the word relax: throwing yourself into comfort but without any kind of thought, without stress, noise, traffic or bright lights, this is the relax you can live in Nocelle.

A large parking space offers the possibility to leave the car for the entire duration of stay and let the legs rediscover the beauty of the walks. Let the wonder take back its rightful place in your lives! You will be amazed to reach the villa going down a staircase of 70 steps, the perfect way to discover that the best places in the world are small pearls hidden from prying eyes. Our friend donkey will help you with the eavy luggage.